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Music and culture

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I write for artists, record labels, magazines, social media, music promotion websites and surrounding communities. The primary area of expertise is within soul music history but I also work in other genres. Briefs are taken to assist in the promotion of digital, vinyl and CD releases, through providing research, biographies, written content for liner notes and other supportive materials. Through my life long passion for music, work within the industry and networking with related sub-culture scenes, I am well positioned to deliver the client’s project to a targeted audience.

Biographies and memoirs

The biography and memoir service includes books, articles, web / social media content and column series writing. I published five books featuring the biographies of over 60 recording artists, musicians and other industry figures. These have ranged from biographical collections to books dedicated to single artists or groups.

However my passion for biography writing extends beyond the music industry to individuals from all walks of life. Everyone has their story to tell. I am intrigued by how circumstance, upbringing, personal events and career choices can shape a person in terms of achievement, satisfaction and perspectives on life .

Nutrition and Health

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Writing services are also available for nutrition and health topics. I have a proven track record as the sole or primary author of several research papers and commentaries in peer reviewed medical and clinical nutrition journals, attained through a long career in clinical dietetics working in medical, surgical, critical care and community environments. I was commissioned by the British Dietetic Association to write for the 5th Edition of the Manual of Dietetic Practice, the core educational and reference text book for the dietetic profession in the UK.

  • Free informal consultation to discuss your project
  • Provision of a project outline including scope, research approach, fees and timescales before commitment
  • Full commitment to the client through coordinated scheduling of caseload timescales
  • Flexible payment options

“It’s the kind of book that makes you want to throw yourself into any number of fine retrospective record collections exploring the work of labels, both well-known and obscure. In every way, an outstanding undertaking (5 star rating)”

Record Collector Monthly, on House of Broken Hearts by E. Mark Windle

Expertise and knowledge
  • Five book publications on music industry themes
  • Over 60 life stories researched and presented as articles, biographical collections and books
  • Over twenty five years experience in nutrition and health care
  • Publication in peer-reviewed international medical and nutrition journals

About me in brief

I am a freelance writer with a passion for music, culture, life stories, nutrition and health. My background and portfolio links are available via the top menu.

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