Keeping It Under Wraps. Data Protection for Biographers

E. Mark Windle 17 August 2022 As biographers, we are in a privileged position. Rarely do individuals expose their life story, or at least a significant chunk of it, in such detail to another party outside of their immediate family and social circle, perhaps other than in counselling (or to their confessor). Clients welcome usContinue reading “Keeping It Under Wraps. Data Protection for Biographers”

What’s in a Name? Musings of a Ghostwriter

E. Mark Windle 9 March 2022 I wear several hats as a freelance writer. Over the years I’ve written music history books and other non-fiction, blogs and commentaries, and contributed to medical and nutrition science texts. There’s a chance if you are immersed in one of these niches that you may have even read someContinue reading “What’s in a Name? Musings of a Ghostwriter”